Who am I and why do I travel?

I was born in Hanover in November 1994 as the third child of my mother and my two eight and nine years older sisters, Johanna and Vanessa. When I was three years old my mother married my dad and we moved to Nienburg on the Weser, where my sister Hanah was born one week before Christmas. One or two years later we moved to Empelde, which is near by Hanover. I started to go to school when I was six until I was nineteen. I liked the idea of going to school when I was in the kindergarten. I trained reading and writing.

I was seven when my parents separated and my mother returned to Hanover with Hanah, Johanna and me. Besides, I got rheumatism, but that did not stop me from vaulting and later riding until I was fifteen. When I was 12, the rheumatism went away.

When I was twelve years old, I started to hike with a group of children, teenagers and young adults from my school. We hiked a lot in Germany, at summertime in Norway, Denmark, Belgium, England and some other countries.  It was very nice to live outside of the big cities for a while, hike for a long way from one place to another, enjoy the nature, sleep in our group tent with a campfire in the middle.

Why do I travel?

I missed travelling a lot after I stopped at the age of nineteen. There was no time and money anymore. I worked for the Saint John’s ambulance and the Red Cross for three years.

So I travelled to Australia last year. I thought this is the country where I want to live, but it is not. Ten month later I went to Asia. But my biggest wish is to hike around the world

As a young child I traveled a lot with my family: in Denmark, Lanzarote, France, in holiday camps on the Methorst or on cures in the Allgäu, Bavaria, Germany. I found it exciting to get to know new places. And so my curiosity for something new was awakened.

When I went to school our parents and teachers organized one or two week school trips when I was in class 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, two in 11 and 12.
The first trips was in Germany, the last two in the Czech Republic and Italy.

When I was seventeen I went to Aberdeen, Scottland to work there for two and a half months in a camphill with people with special needs.