We write day two on my journey. I startet in Imphal at the hostel and walked to a village, I do not remember the name, but it is not far from the city center of Imphal. A family over there hosted me for the night. We had a good evening and morning today. The dad drove my to the field to show me how they life at the villages and to show me the hills around Imphal. He always called them hills, not mountains. He said, thats are small hills.

I startet to hike at lunchtime, after the family brought me to the highway, my longest road on the way to Guwahati I think.

I am sleeping at an other families place and celebrate christmas with them tomorrow.

And begore I forget it: the power goes of sometimes a day, we don’t have lights, can not charge everything.

Bordercrossing between Myanmar and India in Tamu/Moreh

I am in India since yesterday. The bordercrossing between Tamu in Myanmar and Moreh in India took a bit time, but it was very easy. I could cross the border without any permissions.

I crossed the border together with a friend, she is from India. We went to the gate from where you have to take a taxi to the border. The driver took us to a small house where we got our exit stamp for Myanmar. From there we went to the big house on top of the hill, where we got our entry stamp for India. It tooks a bit time because they are not using computers.

After we got our stamp we went around two kilometers to Moreh, the border is a bit outside of the town. We found a taxi, we took our backpacks in this taxi and went to the ATM. When we went back our taxi was not there anymore. The driver just drove away, without talking to us, without leaving our backpacks there. After 45 minutes of waiting we went to the policecar, which stood just opposite on the road. We told them our problem, they went away, and an other car was coming around ten minutes later, with a lot of police officers. The problem was: while we was waiting for this police officers our taxi driver went back. The officers told him he does not have to drive away with our bags and they also told us that each of us have to pay fivehundred rupees. At this time we was four passengers, the couple from the UK we have meet at the first military checkpoint behind the border decided to share the taxi with us. After the checkpoint they had to go to the border station to get the indian stamp first. The driver spoke hindu the most of the time, but my friend told us what he said. She said, he said a few times that he loves her, wants to marry her. He knows her since we asked him in Moreh to bring us to Imphal!

So after few hours of driving we changed the sits so, that all of us girls was behind the driver. Less than one hour later he stoped next to the road and asked for the money. And he also started touching the men on his legs, which he was not allowed to do. We did not understand why he wants to have the money before we are at the hostels. We told him that we will give him the money when we are at the hostels. He tried this a few more times on the way, told us also the road to the hostel is close (the road was open all the time). We had big discussions with him, sometimes with other people too. But finally we arrived at our hostel in the evening. The couple from the UK would go to the airport, but they decided to take an other taxi from our hostel. We gave him the money and went in the hostel. He did not follow us.

Nice experince for the first day. But I think the most other people in over here are not like him. He was just one person from few million people in India.

We met two other travellers in the hostel, and we played with them a game, I don’t remember the name. Few hours later we went to bed.

After three days I am still waiting for my Visa, the embassy staff told my I can pick it up on monday between three and four o’clock in the afternoon. But I checked my visa status few minutes ago and I saw the visa is still “under process”.

I was looking for another place to stay yesterday and I found a young man to host me until the eighteenth of this month. I like privat and camping places much more than hostels. You have more place normally. And a hotel is too expensive.

I have opened a new page on landphotographie.wordpress.com.

There is just one photo now, but a lot more photos will follow. My plan is to sell the photos to finance my trip.

You choose one or more photos and tell me the price you wants to pay. I will give you my bankdetails and send you the photo per mail.

Yeeehh, I arrived in Myanmar, applied for the indian visa and lay in my bed now. I was a bit shocked when I had the conversation with the embassy staff worker. Not, because she was not friendly or something. Because the room where we had the conversation was completely diffrent as my idea from a room in an embassy. You need to know that I never have been to an embassy before. I thought, everything looks very nice and rich. But this room was closed to the opposite. 😳

And the best is: I have a server problem!

So please try to open this page and write in the comments, if you could open it or not. Thank you! 😊

The last days was very much, but also very nice the most time. I got the new passfotos for my indian visa (they have to be 2×2 inches), finished the visa application form and celebrated the birthday from Ajits brother and the house inauguration. Tomorrow we will celebrate my last day in Malaysia for the next time. Ajit and Hanns wants to buy a christmas tree for this. I don’t know why, but I will be surprised.

I am at Hanns’ place again, but we visit Raveen and Ajit tomorrow. Ajits brother came over from Canada and we celebrate his birthday tomorrow.

On sunday we visit them again on their new home. We have a party, something between a inauguration party and a house blessing. They invited prayers, but also friends and family. It is a new experience for me to bless a house. I have never heard of this before.

And I am happy I don’t get the satellite mobile phone anymore. I had a deal with one of the company managers, he lied to me. And few days ago I saw at the visa information page from the indian government that foreigners are not allowed to take a satellite phone with. Sometimes I am happy I do not need to understand everything!

I found out they cancelled my ticket, not the flight. They increased the price and could not take the money from my bank account, because I changed just the money I thought I need for the ticket to my bank account. The rest was still at my saving account.

But I decided now I go to Myanmar first, apply for the Indian visa in Yangon. Then I want to go directly to India and from there maybe to Nepal.

I am lucky I checked my flight status five minutes ago. I was wandering why they did not take the money from my bank account. The airline cancelled my flight without writing an E-Mail to me!

But my slicker and the rain pants from Aparso Europe GmbH arrived two days ago. I was very surprised when the package was already in Malaysia after two weeks, it came from Germany.

You can find clothes from Aparso here http://www.aparso.de and on Amazon.

The most of my utensils arrived now, today also my ice spikes. So I am just waiting for the slicker and the rain pants.

I have to stay in Malaysia until the fourth of December minimum, because I am looking to few dogs from my friend. She and her husband going to travel in India for two weeks.

But I have to leave Malaysia before the thirteen of December, my visa runs out at this day.

The last days I was looking for a way from Kathmandu to Uttarrakhand, India. But google maps is really not the best for this. I have a rough way, but I will look for a map in Kathmandu to figure out the final way.
I will start between the two dates mentioned above, in Kathmandu, to buy the travel permit.


I don’t know why I love caps like this so much, but I do!

I bought this cap yesterday in the afternoon secondhandly. It is a bit small for me, but without my hair pot I can put it on well. So I have to cut my hair because I do not like wearing it open. But I wanted to cut them anyway, because I have a lot of hair and they are very thick, which means: I always sweat if I do not tie my hair.

And I finally sent the application form for the Australian superannuation to the tax office of the government. So hopefully I get my super back in the next four weeks.

Yesterday I applied for a lot of jobs as an Influencer and I asked some companies for sponsoring, that will help me a bit. I know it is very late, but better late than never. And of course, in return I will mention the company by name on this blog! But so far I have only received cancellations. Not because my project is not good enough. The companies don’t have any new Influencer projects now. However, so far only a few have responded. So I keep hoping!

I am also thinking a lot about the route in Nepal. Not only because some places are more dangerous than others, also because of the park entry permits. They goes up from 10 US Dollars to few hundred in other parks. So I checked online if the affected parks are in my hiking direction, and until I have not found any. Hopefully it will stay that way until I arrive. From Nepal I want to hike to India, somewhere in Uttarakhand, then cross Afghanistan to Tajikistan. When I am on the way I will look which way I will hike after Tajikistan.