I found out they cancelled my ticket, not the flight. They increased the price and could not take the money from my bank account, because I changed just the money I thought I need for the ticket to my bank account. The rest was still at my saving account.

But I decided now I go to Myanmar first, apply for the Indian visa in Yangon. Then I want to go directly to India and from there maybe to Nepal.

The most of my utensils arrived now, today also my ice spikes. So I am just waiting for the slicker and the rain pants.

I have to stay in Malaysia until the fourth of December minimum, because I am looking to few dogs from my friend. She and her husband going to travel in India for two weeks.

But I have to leave Malaysia before the thirteen of December, my visa runs out at this day.

The last days I was looking for a way from Kathmandu to Uttarrakhand, India. But google maps is really not the best for this. I have a rough way, but I will look for a map in Kathmandu to figure out the final way.
I will start between the two dates mentioned above, in Kathmandu, to buy the travel permit.