The day was hard for me. I hiked 14 kilometers, it was warm the most of the time. I have a lot of friends over here now, they take care that I am fine since few days. They hosted me for few days, went with me to the hospital, paid for me (I do not really like it if someone pay for me, but I think, I can protest as much as I want, they will just do it).

Thank you very much to all of you here in Imphal and next to Imphal! I will never forget you! 🙂

I startet today around 11am in Sapermeina. The days here are different to the days in Germany. Here we eat breckfast between 6-7am, lunch around 10 and dinner around 5-7pm. The sun is coming and going very early and we do not have different time zones in India.

Tomorrow I will try to hike to Senapati. It should be around 17 kilometers to the Post Office in Senapati.

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