The most of my utensils arrived now, today also my ice spikes. So I am just waiting for the slicker and the rain pants.

I have to stay in Malaysia until the fourth of December minimum, because I am looking to few dogs from my friend. She and her husband going to travel in India for two weeks.

But I have to leave Malaysia before the thirteen of December, my visa runs out at this day.

The last days I was looking for a way from Kathmandu to Uttarrakhand, India. But google maps is really not the best for this. I have a rough way, but I will look for a map in Kathmandu to figure out the final way.
I will start between the two dates mentioned above, in Kathmandu, to buy the travel permit.


I don’t know why I love caps like this so much, but I do!

I bought this cap yesterday in the afternoon secondhandly. It is a bit small for me, but without my hair pot I can put it on well. So I have to cut my hair because I do not like wearing it open. But I wanted to cut them anyway, because I have a lot of hair and they are very thick, which means: I always sweat if I do not tie my hair.

And I finally sent the application form for the Australian superannuation to the tax office of the government. So hopefully I get my super back in the next four weeks.

Yesterday I applied for a lot of jobs as an Influencer and I asked some companies for sponsoring, that will help me a bit. I know it is very late, but better late than never. And of course, in return I will mention the company by name on this blog! But so far I have only received cancellations. Not because my project is not good enough. The companies don’t have any new Influencer projects now. However, so far only a few have responded. So I keep hoping!

I am also thinking a lot about the route in Nepal. Not only because some places are more dangerous than others, also because of the park entry permits. They goes up from 10 US Dollars to few hundred in other parks. So I checked online if the affected parks are in my hiking direction, and until I have not found any. Hopefully it will stay that way until I arrive. From Nepal I want to hike to India, somewhere in Uttarakhand, then cross Afghanistan to Tajikistan. When I am on the way I will look which way I will hike after Tajikistan.

Update: I am sorry you didn’t hear anything from me for a long time. I will try to write more. But I was very busy the last weeks. I changed my plan.

I do not start in America as I wanted to do it first. Start is in Nepal around the first of December this year. From there I want to hike to Europe, then to America, Russia and back to Nepal. I think that’s the longest way I can hike around the globe.

Today I tried to get back my Australian Superannuation. It is quiet difficult if you don’t have all the fund numbers anymore. I was so stupid to put them into a bin few month ago because I thought I don’t need them anymore.

So I tried to contact the Commonwealth bank of Australia in Sydney, where I have my bank account. But I forgot they don’t have an email service. That’s bad. So I searched for the telephone number and I found it. But the time was over, it was too late, I have to call them tomorrow.

But what I also did I tried to put all my staff in my big backpack. I thought it doesn’t work because I have really much, but it works. The rest of the staff which I don’t need anymore goes to other people.

Yesterday I already sold my lovely camera and my Australian cowboy hat. I got 1100 Ringgit for both together. That’s not the best price for me but it’s also not bad. Now I just need to sell my daypack and my shoes and then everything is perfectly.

Ich liege momentan in meinem Bett und überlege, wie ich die Reise, um genauer zu sein das Flugticket bezahlen soll. Aus irgendeinem Grund stockt der Verkauf meiner Sachen bei Facebook zur Zeit. Obwohl ich sie zu einem wie ich finde sehr fairen Preis anbiete. Ein Portal wie Ebay Kleinanzeigen scheint es in Malaysia nicht zu geben.